Lado Okhotnikov Invites You to the Meta Force Metaverse

Lado Okhotnikov Invites You to the Meta Force Metaverse

The main interest of the new generation of entrepreneurs is to sell products online. Opening your own store on Force Marketplace solves this problem. Lado Okhotnikov, СЕО of Meta Force clearly outlined the company’s position on this,

The Metaverse was created so that participants can build their own business. Others can also open stores in our marketplace. We are talking about entire trading platforms inside the virtual world.”

This means that Force Marketplace is not limited to simply creating online stores, as is the case with conventional online platforms. The company provides the opportunity to form trading platforms based on interaction with other participants in the metaverse.

For entrepreneurs, this means they can display their products and create unique virtual stores that are visually appealing and interactive for consumers. In addition, such points of attraction will become part of the future larger ecosystem, which will provide additional opportunities for increasing sales.

Opening a store is a good opportunity for those who want to enter the world of the metaverse in order to use its potential in the interests of developing their business. Thanks to the flexibility and innovation of the platform, participants will be able to create stores and marketplaces that will help them compete successfully in this new digital segment.

Opening a store on Force Marketplace is not just a way to sell goods and services. This is an opportunity to bring your own ideas and concepts to life, to create a unique digital niche that reflects the mission and style,” emphasized the CEO of Meta Force.

Lado Okhotnikov about Force Marketplace as a trading platform that provides the prospect of interaction for participants from all over the world

Force Marketplace develops tools for creating virtual stores that are easily customized and adapted to the needs of a specific business. From design and layout selection to inventory management and order processing, everything can be easily configured through an intuitive interface.

In addition, Force Marketplace actively develops the metaverse ecosystem, creating opportunities for interaction with other participants. This means that the store will be inside a larger community where anyone can collaborate with different brands, host common events, or even create joint products.

Most importantly, opening a store on Force Marketplace provides access to an audience that is actively seeking out new and exciting spaces. Hundreds of thousands of users around the world are already interested and ready to spend money on business development. Therefore, if you have an idea or a product that you would like to offer, then creating a marketplace is a great way to attract attention to the brand.

Lado Okhotnikov confirmed that Force Marketplace is not just a platform for trading goods, but a full-fledged place for business development in the metaverse. Opening a store here means bringing to life ideas that could not be realized in reality. If you want to be part of this exciting world, Force Marketplace is waiting for you.

About company

Meta Force is a decentralized virtual community built on the Polygon blockchain with over 1.6 million members. Users here create business communities and participate in NFT trading. A feature of the ecosystem is the simple integration of a wide range of users with the potential for effective scaling. The platform includes several segments, including Tactile Goods and Force Marketplace modules.

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