Lado Okhotnikov: Why Meta Force Is the Future of the Virtual Economy

Lado Okhotnikov: Why Meta Force Is the Future of the Virtual Economy

In the latest issue the magazine Maxim considers the role of Meta Force in shaping the future of cryptocurrencies and the virtual world. The article, written by Sarah Smith, details how Meta Force, founded by prominent entrepreneur Lado Okhotnikov, is emerging as a leading player in the metaverse niche.

Lado Okhotnikov is a crypto enthusiast, publicist, DeFi expert and financial analyst. He is known as a libertarian and an impartial critic of the policies of the central banks of the world’s largest economies. Three years ago, Lado began to realize his long-time dream – to create a decentralized ecosystem that not only meets the high standards of the gaming industry, but also offers users ample opportunities in the field of business, GameFi and online education.

The Meta Force project, founded in 2021, is a global ecosystem where a wide variety of functions are implemented. This reality is conceived as a virtual platform, within which like-minded people can play, communicate, attend online lectures, conduct business negotiations, and even convert their gaming experience into real income using RWA technology.

The success exceeded all expectations: at the beginning of March 2024, the Meta Force community exceeded 1.6 million people and continues to grow rapidly.

The Meta Force team sets itself ambitious goals. One of them is to provide active users with a special status, which allows them to count on increased royalty bonuses when carrying out gaming or any other activity. This policy is transparent and written in the open source of Uniteverse, one of the key platforms of the metaverse being created.

According to Lado Okhotnikov: “Uniteverse is just one of four modules that form a revolutionary ecosystem. Its other parts are Tactile, Boost and OverReal. Together they form a unique environment that combines the functions of GameFi, NFT marketplace and online education.”

The metaverse developers are focusing on its fifth element – the Royalty program, which is closely related to the native token of the Forcecoin ecosystem. This coin is built on the Polygon blockchain, which is distinguished by reliability, transparency and decentralization.

Lado Okhotnikov, CEO of Meta Force, admits that he and his team of programmers face serious challenges. Nevertheless, he is full of optimism:

“...Our priorities have not changed – sustainability, reliable and transparent blockchain, convenience and safety of clients. Everything else – rich gameplay, VR glasses, AR, RWA – is a necessary but secondary component. The most important thing is the user.”

On the threshold of a new era, when the virtual world is about to be integrated into reality, Meta Force is ready to act as a mediator of future interaction.

How the expansion of the metaverse is happening, with the help of which marketing quickly turned into a full-fledged ecosystem, how Meta Force became not only a company, but also a catalyst contributing to the development of virtual reality – read about this and much more in the original articlе.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is an ambitious project founded in 2021 by Lado Okhotnikov and a team of talented enthusiasts. In just over two years, this initiative has grown into a full-fledged decentralized ecosystem with more than one and a half million participants and continues to actively develop. The developers’ priority is the full implementation of GameFi, VR, RWA technologies and so on

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