Maxim magazine about the metaverse Meta Force of Lado Okhotnikov

Maxim magazine about the metaverse Meta Force of Lado Okhotnikov

Meta Force, a revolutionary project in the field of virtual reality, is attracting attention and creating a wave of interest in the industry. In the article, published in Maxim magazine, the authors dive into the intricacies of Meta Force and determine its potential impact on the future of cryptocurrencies and the virtual world.

Meta Force served as a catalyst for innovation in the metaverse, despite the challenges posed by a volatile market – Lado Okhotnikov

An article provides a number of weighty arguments explaining the company’s leadership position. In 2021, visionary entrepreneur Lado Okhotnikov addressed the need for a global cryptocurrency marketing tool. The creation of Meta Force was a response to this demand – the company has grown into a comprehensive ecosystem with Metaverse at its core. 

Since its launch to date, Meta Force has united over 1.6 million users and active members have earned over 1.5 billion DAI. All this speaks of a well-deserved achievement and confirms the company’s key role in the rapidly developing space of the virtual world.

In addition, the alpha version of Metaverse is expected to launch in the second or third quarter of this year, which will mark a new stage in the development of Meta Force. As its founder, Lado Okhotnikov, emphasizes, “…The desire to expand the boundaries of digital reality through the Uniteverse program with nine levels of access to the Metaverse is just the beginning of a long journey.”

There is a particular trend of scaling the platform, since in addition to Uniteverse, other directions were launched: Tactile, Boost and OverReal. The company offered a unique approach, combining virtual and physical space.

Strategically focusing on partnerships, Meta Force plans to build an ecosystem that would help absolutely everyone open their own business in the Metaverse.

Lado Okhotnikov says that “Meta Force remains committed to the principles of sustainable development and avoids speculative pitfalls, which allows it to take a leading position in shaping the future of the virtual world.”

The combination of insightful and prudent leadership, a strong community and a well-designed ecosystem are key factors allowing Meta Force to lead the development of the digital future.

The article in Maxim, called How Meta Force Is Shaping The Future Of Crypto & The Virtual World, will be useful for those interested in cryptocurrencies and security in the digital world. Those who want to stay at the forefront of new developments in virtual reality should definitely read this and form their own opinion.

About company

Meta Force is an innovative global Web3 platform with a decentralized structure, built on the Polygon blockchain. It combines cryptocurrencies and virtual reality. All users are full participants in the ecosystem, and their interaction is regulated by smart contracts. This is a large-scale community of like-minded people, where everyone receives knowledge on how to effectively use the new opportunities of the metaverse.


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