Five Best Hunting Locations In Lost Ark

Five Best Hunting Locations In Lost Ark

There are many Trade Skills in Lost Ark, which are non-combat abilities. Hunting is one of them.
In the process of Hunting, you can not only gain certain experience points to improve your
Hunting level, but also collect various resources and materials to craft food, battle items as well
as upgrade materials for equipment. You can even convert them into Lost Ark Gold through
trading. If you want to maximize your gameplay in Lost Ark, then Hunting must be a good choice.
So, what are the recommended hunting spots in Lost Ark?

  1. Bilbrin Forest
    When it comes to the best hunting spots in Lost Ark, the first location I would recommend is
    Bilbrin Forest in West Luterra. First, you can easily find this place on a map. Second, the pure
    nature of Bilbrin Forest is more pleasant than other areas in Lost Ark. Because this is the home of
    a large number of rabbits, and these rabbits can be easily killed. At the same time, your Hunting
    level will gradually increase as you hunt rabbits.

Although the environment of Bilbrin Forest is pleasant, you still have a high probability of
encountering some aggressive mobs. If your Hunting level is low, you will find them very difficult
to deal with. Therefore, it is best to farm enough levels in advance by hunting rabbits or
completing Lost Ark side quests. Only in this way can you deal with these mobs more easily. At
the same time, you can continue to hunt in other areas with higher abilities.

  1. Crescent Island
    In fact, Akresia covers a particularly wide range. Players of Lost Ark want to travel to various
    locations in Akresia, in addition to walking and sometimes even by sea. Because this is a
    necessary way to explore Akresia, novice players don’t need to have any concerns about

The reason I say this is that I hope you can go to Crescent Island as soon as possible. This place is
one of the best hunting spots that novice players cannot miss. You’ll find a very rich variety of
animals here as well as some aggressive creatures. For example, there are many rabbits here. By

hunting rabbits, you can collect many of the crystalized scales they provide. You can also use
these loots to get early-game crafting materials.
In addition, since Crescent Island does not have any gathering nodes, the earlier novice players
go, the less interference they will receive. Because, at this time, some old players have already
begun to explore other areas. This means you can maximize the position without much

  1. Eternity Island
    If you’ve fallen for Lost Ark aesthetic, you’ll love Eternity Island’s ever-changing visuals.
    Compared to other areas, Eternity Island is more like a desert.
    This place is great for foraging as well as mining. For aspiring endgame players, Eternity Island is
    also a very worthwhile place to visit. Because here, they can find the much-anticipated T3
    Pursian Kethus. However, this place may be more difficult to explore for novice players. That is
    because this area is a bit mid-level.

However, if you stay around the area, you’ll easily see what your opponent is doing. These
adversaries may be crafting some useful material here. While they’re not looking you can quickly
loot some and quickly escape their pursuit with Lost Ark mounts.
In fact, you don’t need to worry too much about the problem of insufficient Hunting level. If you
come to Eternity Island after farming enough levels from Crescent Island according to my
recommendation, you are fully capable of dealing with the stronger threat of Eternity.

  1. Parna Forest
    No matter what type of Class you use in Lost Ark, as long as you can find an ideal mid-level
    farming zone. The Class you choose can be upgraded more quickly. At the same time, your Class
    can also achieve stat growth in the process, so that it will have a better performance when it
    encounters endgame spots.

From this perspective, Parna Forest is very suitable for farming. Parna Forest is located at the top
of the central region of the archipelago. Due to its superior geographical environment, you can
find a variety of offerings and a direct loop of exploration here.
In Parna Forest, besides many common rabbits, you can also meet some aggressive creatures in
the occasional farming. Since the location belongs to the mid-level farming zone, these creatures
are not easy to deal with. However, if you’ve done enough upgrades on Eternity Island ahead of
time, these creatures will be a piece of cake for you. What’s more, you can also get higher-level
materials from them. This way you can upgrade your equipment or lost ark gold farming much

  1. Prisma Valley
    If you enter Prisma Valley, you’ll not only marvel at its pristine visuals, but also be pleased that
    the long upgrade process is finally coming to an end.

Why do I say that? That’s because there are not only vast plains but also lush grasslands in
Prisma Valley. As a result, the area is teeming with creatures of all kinds almost everywhere. In
addition to ordinary rabbits, you can also meet many deadlier creatures. They roam the various
locations in the area. Therefore, if you come to this place, you will face many difficulties.
Prisma Valley, however, has openness. At various points in the area there are corridors that cross
each other. This allows players to quickly avoid danger. Beyond that, exploration has been made
easier and more convenient for players who want to roam around to buy Lost Ark Gold or craft
materials on a regular basis.

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