Lost Ark October Update Note – Monster Bash

Lost Ark October Update Note – Monster Bash

Lost Ark also launched its October update today, which is Monster Bash . This update brings a lot
of new events, Spooky Season, a New Continent, and Calliligos Guardian Raid will all appear in
this event, and of course, Halloween gifts and fun are also included.
New Continent-Pleccia

Placida is a new continent that will be available after an update. This continent requires an item
level of 1475 and the completion of the “Call of Destiny” main quest. Therefore, players who
want to explore should prepare as soon as possible. This continent is full of freedom, romance
and art. Players can enjoy the scenery here, especially don’t miss the scenery of Priscian Port and
Presidia Grassland. Also, please get to know Vetches, You Magician and other NPCs, I believe this
will be helpful to you.
The story of this continent originated from Latera, which also hints that there are some
unknown secrets hidden under Placida’s beautiful appearance. The player’s purpose after
arriving here is to thoroughly investigate and uncover the mysteries here while enjoying the
beautiful scenery. After completing the event, players can search for a unique set of collectibles
and receive some gold lost ark and achievements unique to Placida:
 Added Plessis Guide quest
 Placida Collectibles unlocked
 Placida Rapport NPC added
 Added new emoticon “Turn”
 34 new achievements
 2 new titles
 6 new cards
 2 new card book sets
It’s worth noting that the Therian Rapport “Waiting for the Ball” mission step completion

requirements have changed. Currently players need to use the expression: blowing kiss. After the
update, players will need to use Emote: Turn.
 Emoticon: Turn is a reward from the major mission of Plessia.
Trial Caliligos Guardian Raid

A renowned master of lightning, Caliligos brings his enemies to their knees with his signature
blue lightning. The horn that gathers its power will charge forward and break through any
obstacle, defeating all enemies that stand in his way. He was once the ruler of the sky and has
been worshiped as a god, but this time he will appear in the public eye as the cruel ruler and
ruthless guardian of the sky.
Like other Legion raids, the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid requires players to adjust and set up
their build in the ‘Book of Coordination’. Complete Raid Level 1: Defeat Vitus and reach item level
1250 to enter. Raid applies “harmony levels,” meaning your attack power, health, defense, and
combat stats are scaled to simulate the appropriate difficulty level.
Trial Caliligos Guardian Raid adds the following:
 Legendary Quick Charge Skill Rune
 Legendary Wind Skill Rune
 2 new Achievements
 2 new Titles
 A new Trophy
This time Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid will display the first clearance time and fastest clearance
time in the region on the leaderboard, so players who want to hit the rankings must be well
Among them, Lost Ark Gold is the most indispensable resource. If you want to hit the rankings
faster and gain rankings, you need to prepare enough gold to enhance your combat
If players don’t have enough time to accumulate enough gold, IGGM.com is an excellent website
to obtain enough gold. And now there are promotions, using coupon code “WATER” to get an
additional 5% discount at IGGM.com will help us buy Lost Ark gold with a smaller cost and
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Event Guardian Raid

Event Guardians are back! This time, balancing levels are applied so that the majority of people
have a chance of winning, providing a fairer possibility. This time you can choose to hunt the
guardian alone or in a group. Players need to attack the event guardian and trigger conditions to
cause it to drop BUFF, which will greatly increase the player’s damage. After defeating all
guardians, players can obtain tokens in the reward box, which can only be obtained once per day
for each character.
We can spend the tokens at event vendors, which offer a variety of valuable and spooky seasonal
Halloween rewards. Event Guardian will continue until the December update, and players can
allocate their time to receive rewards. 
This Breshaza Clearance mission has also been added to Jump-Start’s Shining Harvest event.
Players who complete the mission will receive equipment quality upgrade rewards as follows:

 Equipment quality upgrade coupons (weapons)
 Equipment quality upgrade coupon (armor)
Chaos Gate Transformation

The revised Chaos Gate, which combines the Chaos Gate, Ghost Ship and Treasure Map, will be
released in the second half of October. Since the game team is still working hard to perfect the
adjustments, details are yet to be seen. But we can still share and get more information on our
weekly updates.
This is a spooky and anticipated season. Events such as the new continent Placida and the
Callinicos Guardian Raid have made me feel more and more excited. I believe players feel the
same way.

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