Apple and the iPhone are getting dangerously close to Samsung and threatening its number 1

Apple and the iPhone are getting dangerously close to Samsung and threatening its number 1

The smartphone market is slowly recovering with Samsung and Apple leading the way!

Samsung Galaxy s23 (left) and iPhone 15 (right)

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The eternal competition between Apple and Samsung continues in another chapter in which those with the bitten apple could take the lead, thanks to the iPhone 15. Despite the decline in the smartphone market during the first months of the year, it experienced a brief recovery , driven by the local recovery of several markets and the demand for updating new products.

According to a report by the global smartphone analysis service Canals, Samsung maintained the leadership position with a 20% market shared spite a small drop since the third quarter of 2022. For its part, Apple came in second with a 17% market share.

Samsung and Apple dominate the smartphone market

In the list of the five firms with the largest market share, Xiaomi took the third position with a market share of 14%. OPPO ranked fourth with a 9% market share, due to its strong position in Asia Pacific. AND TRANSSION rounded out the top five with a 9% share and a notable expansion year after year. Outside the top five, Huawei made a major comeback in its home market, driven by the new Mate series.

List of the 5 smartphone market leaders in the 3rd quarter of 2023

In 2023, the growth of the smartphone market has been lower than expected

According to Amber Liu, Canalys analyst.

New launches from Huawei and Apple electrified the market this quarter, overshadowing renewals of flagship series from many other vendors.

Apple is beefing up its new iPhone 15 series with greatly improved performance and features to continually stimulate demand. While Huawei’s new Mate series, featuring the latest Kirin chipset, has generated an enthusiastic response from consumers in mainland China.

Meanwhile, Samsung is reducing its exposure in the entry-level segment to focus on profitability. The Korean company has managed to maintain its hegemony in the market thanks to the fact that sales of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 doubled the figures of the previous model since the Galaxy A continued to be leaders in its price segment.

The forecast of Canalys suggest a slowdown in the growth of the smartphone market in the medium and long term. Meticulous monitoring of stock turnover and final demand is essential to avoid disruptions caused by high inventory.

In this fine line of predictions, Apple has a big challenge during the holiday season. According to early reports, demand for the iPhone 15 is lower than expected, especially in China, the most powerful market in the technology industry

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